WATER energy is your most prominent energy
at this moment

Water energy rules in the winter; nature has cleared up all the unnecessary ballast, has pulled the energy back into the core and is now refueling and recovering in preparation for the new life that is to come in the spring. ‘Water people’ tend to also feel this movement in their body. They rest a lot, save their energy and then use it in an outburst of energy and activity. After which they withdraw and start saving again for the next period. They have a strong connection with their intuition and they listen carefully to their inner voice. They know how to keep the balance between rest and action and therefore they usually have sufficient reserves (both in energy and in money). Because of this they can also handle everything and have rock-solid confidence that all will be well. They always have dreams and goals and always know how to achieve them. They are full of energy and perseverance, alternating with periods of rest. Like nature in winter.

Applying the science behind energy to transform your life.

Jeanine Hofs is a world-renowned energy expert that combines Western, science-based energy techniques with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Determined to take the “woo woo” out of energy healing, Jeanine has honed her expertise over the last 26 years. Highly sought after by the professional community looking to balance a life that is overwhelmed by the demands of modern society and the fast pace of life, Jeanine works with entrepreneurs and professionals looking to better manage their stressors.

There’s a reason why things like gratitude journals and meditation have become ubiquitous not only in our everyday lives but also in the business world. People are beginning to intuitively understand that it takes more than just “hard work” to achieve success and fulfillment. You’re focused on fixing everything on the outside by focusing your energy there, when really, focusing on the inside is what will bring you everything you want on the outside.

Master your energy, master your life.