#E32 – Energy of the month: January

A new year has begun and in the meantime we transitioned into the Water-element season.  Water energy in January brings with it themes like: What do I want? Who am I? What is good for me and what [...]

#E31 – The energy holiday survival guide

I know you’ve been there: you spend the weeks leading up to the holiday break preparing, whether it’s buying gifts and making travel arrangements or getting your house ready for the multitude of guests and parties that are [...]

#E29 – Energy of the month: December

We are heading for December and this month is special, not only because of the holidays and because of the end of the year but also because it has the influence of three elements in it! Metal energy [...]

#E26 – Confidence Makeover with Kim Seltzer

Could you use a Confidence Makeover? If you are curious about how to boost your confidence to attract more success, to build valuable relationships (both in your private life and in business) or maybe to find lasting love [...]

#E25 – Energy of the month: November

It's definitely autumn now and we are still under the influence of Metal energy. Metal energy in November brings with it, themes like: Clearing, cleansing, tidying up letting go - physically and mentally more yin; slowing down, calmness, [...]

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