The Virus Self-Help Guide


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When symptoms

Video 1 

In this video I’ll tell you:

  • Why I recorded this ‘Virus Self-Help Guide’.
  • That my advice is NOT meant to replace the advice of the authorities or your doctor.
  • That I do NOT claim either that my advice can prevent you from getting a virus (or any other ‘pathogen’) or that it can cure you immediately, but I claim that my advice can HELP you to strengthen your immune system, support your energy and your health and therefore also help your system to fight a virus and help you with recovery when you have symptoms.
    If you have any symptoms, it will certainly HELP to alleviate them, it will HELP to shorten the duration of the disease, HELP to reduce the chance of complications, and HELP to reduce the chance of ‘pathogens’ staying behind and causing other problems.
  • The 3 reasons why I am an expert in energy management and why you can trust me and take advice from me.

Video 2 

In this video I’ll teach you: 

  • My 10 tips from the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to increase your energy and strengthen your immune system.
  • Tip 10 includes a number of energy points that you can massage yourself (note: don’t use them when pregnant!)
  • For questions regarding the tips and acupuncture points in this series you can reach out to me in my Facebook group:
    You can join this group here >> (click)

Video 3 

In this video I’ll teach you: