Have you ever had this experience?
You feel good, full of energy, you can handle everything and everyone, and then this friend calls you … and when you hang up you feel completely empty; drained, your energy is gone, and instead of bubbles you feel like flat water…

That’s what happens if your energy gets affected by toxic people. In this episode I’ll tell you how you can recognize these energy drainers and how you can deal with them.

To master your energy, to master your life, you need to learn how to deal with toxic people.

What can you learn in this episode?


  • How you are the average (or will become) of the 5-7 people you spend the most time with.
  • Why this applies to all areas of your life: your health, your energy, your money, your career or your company, your relationships… but also your mindset, your self-confidence and your general feeling of happiness.
  • What the role of your brain is in this matter and why it wants to keep you in line with your environment.
  • Why your brain chooses equality over conflict, discussion or disagreement and thus why it is so hard to change.
  • What tricks your brain uses to get you to not change
  • Why it’s so difficult to achieve what you want to achieve if you surround yourself with:
    • People who behave in the opposite way of how you would like to be.
    • People who think differently than the beliefs you need to get where you want to be.
  • Which law of nature plays a big role in why you are or will become the average of the people you spend the most time with.
  • Why you are like a tuning fork.
  • What happens when you have two people in a room with different energy frequencies.
  • What you need to not get ‘infected’ by the energy frequency of ‘I’m not good enough’ and ‘it’s always someone else’s fault’ or people who always complain and whine.
  • What happens when there are negative and toxic people in your closest circle? Your brain will make you sensitive to become more like them and your energy frequency will be influenced too. This means that you will become more and more negative and toxic as well.
  • Negativity is as contagious as the flu!
  • 7 types of toxic people and how to spot them.
  • The gossiper
  • People who only talk about themselves
  • Negative people
  • Complainers and victims
  • Liars and fibbers.
  • Control freaks
  • Bullies
  • How to deal with those 7 types of toxic people.
  • Why are you more sensitive to other people’s energies than others?
  • Defensive energy or Wei Qi
  • How you strengthen your defensive energy
  • Cultivating love and compassion
  • What to do if your energy is already affected?
  • An exercise to get your bubbles back
  • Freebie
  • The power of mandala’s

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