You probably never get angry, right? You are never irritated or frustrated. Life is always good to you and you are always miss sunshine herself (or mr.) Well, I don’t believe that for a minute! Anger is a part of life but in order for you to master your energy so you can master your life you need to know how to deal with anger and the low energy frequency that goes with it before it lowers your energy and affects every area of your life.

To master your energy, to master your life, you need to know how to deal with anger.

I believe: anger is a choice
There is nothing wrong with being angry. In fact, if you never get angry, you may be letting everybody overstep your boundaries.

Anger is a part of life and it’s a useful emotion but when anger lasts too long, is too intense or when it’s suppressed it will definitely cause you health problems. On top of that the energy frequency of anger will make you attract nasty people and situations in your private or business life!

I’ll explain all that to you in this episode. I’ll tell you what the physical signs are that you have to much anger or frustration in your body (for example did you know that being angry or frustrated impairs your fat burning?) and I’ll give you hands-on tips and exercises you can use to control and let go of this low vibes.  

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