It’s so natural and so important but still so many of us struggle with it … letting go. In this episode I’ll tell you why you need to learn how to let go, what the 5 signals are that it’s time for you to let go and I’ll give you the most important reasons why letting go isn’t always easy. 

To master your energy, to master your life, you need to ask the right questions.

Words are energy.
Every thought you have creates a feeling and that determines your energy frequency. Certain feelings create low energy frequencies that makes you tired and unhealthy and make you attract annoying situations and people. Feelings like guilt, ‘I am not good enough’, sadness, fear or anger do that. Other feelings create high energy frequencies with which you reach the opposite, like feelings of love, joy and gratitude.

What you say to yourself determines how you will feel and thus how your life will unfold. Questions have an even stronger effect! Are you aware that you are constantly asking yourself questions?

Our brain works in a special way.
As soon as you ask or get asked a question, all other thoughts automatically go ‘on hold’ and your brain responds to that particular question. They call this system “instinctive elaboration. And since your brain is not capable of multitasking, finding the answer to the question is the highest priority.

Your brain always wants to immediately answer every question you ask yourself or someone else asks you. That answer comes enters your brain as a thought (and that can go very fast), that gives a feeling and that will immediately change energy frequency.

What you focus your attention on, that grows.
If it grows in the right direction, if it gives you more energy, more health, a better relationship, more money or more success… then it is good of course. But that depends on the quality of the question.

For your brain it doesn’t matter.
For your brain there are no good or bad questions and no good or bad answers. The brain simply wants an answer so that the storyline can be closed. Like you, your brain doesn’t like a story with an open ending. It’s gonna form an answer based upon the information it already has, built up in the past. And the data that are most charged (that have left an impression) will come up first. Then two things happen:

First of all, your problem is confirmed. This makes your bad feeling even worse and you create an even lower energy frequency (with all the consequences this implies). Secondly, it ensures that nothing changes. You just keep doing what you always did and will get more of the results you already have… So you react from a fixed mindset.

Luckily you can change this because you are in control. It’s totally up to you!
You’ll get a completely different effect on your energy and therefore on your future if you ask the right questions.

So I dare to say that :
The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life.

In this episode I’ll explain to you how you can do that, in easy to do steps. I also have a good exercise for you AND as a bonus I have 10 really powerful and empowering questions for you!

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In this episode I thought you how to ask the right questions. But there are a few questions that will empower you in any situation. They will always bring you back to your strength, back in good energy and in good vibes.

As a bonus I created a special PDF for you with 10 empowering questions you ask yourself when life is bit difficult. When you are about to make a big decision, when you don’t know what to do or you can use them as a good empowering morning ritual

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