I know you’ve been there: you spend the weeks leading up to the holiday break preparing, whether it’s buying gifts and making travel arrangements or getting your house ready for the multitude of guests and parties that are about to take over the rest of your December. Your energy tank is already near empty, and then it happens — your family arrives. 

We LOVE our friends and families, but let’s be honest: what’s supposed to be the merriest time of year often turns into a cacophony of energies, leaving you completely depleted and dreaming of a vacation on a sandy beach far, far away!

If you want to master your energy so you can master your life, you need to learn how to survive the holidays.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Biggest takeaways from this episode:

  • Identify your go-to coping mechanisms
  • Learn what your energy-draining triggers are
  • Formulate a game plan to combat holiday overwhelm
  • Create built-in breaks to recuperate during the long holiday 
  • Celebrate your accomplishments — treat yourself!

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