It’s so natural and so important but still so many of us struggle with it … letting go. In this episode I’ll tell you why you need to learn how to let go, what the 5 signals are that it’s time for you to let go and I’ll give you the most important reasons why letting go isn’t always easy. 

To master your energy, so you can master your life – you need to learn how to let go.

I’ll also teach you the 3 essential steps necessary for letting go and of course I’ll give you exercises so you can practice it right away!

Do you need to let go of everything? All the time?
No, of course not!
But you have to be able to choose what and when you want to let go of something.

Because holding on to everything will:

  • Block your growth (both private and in your career or business)
  • Block you happiness
  • Cost you lots of energy
  • Make you sick

There are 5 important signals that it is time for you to learn how to let go:

  1. You always SHOULD do so much
  2. You have a ‘full head’
  3. You live in the past
  4. You have a lot of tension in your body
  5. You have lung, skin or intestinal problems

Of course I understand that letting go isn’t easy. Letting go is scary as hell!
Maybe you don’t know how to let go or maybe you don’t have the right techniques. Well, that’s gonna change because in this episode I have 3 practical tips for you so you can learn how to let go efficiently!

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In this episode I teach you a fantastic exercise that will help you with letting go. It has to do with your Lung meridian. Now I created a PDF for you with a drawing of this meridian, so you can make sure you’re doing the exercise the right way.

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