You need to know your energy type if you want to master your energy and master your life! I’ll explain all this and the influence of the 5 elements to you.

Master your energy, master your life!

Did you know that your energy can be divided into five segments? In the 5 elements? You have them all in your body but there’s always one dominant element.

Tom Cruise for example definitely has Fire as dominant energy. Oprah Winfrey has a lot of Earth energy in her profile. Gwyneth Paltrow is more of a Metal energy type. James Corden has some Earth energy but also a lot of Water energy and I expect that Jennifer Aniston has Wood energy high up in her profile.

Are you curious about your dominant energy and how this knowledge will help you better manage your energy and transform your life?

I’m explaining all that to you in this podcast!

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Every element plays a role in your body, mind and even in your emotions. When an element is in balance it will give you chances and qualities. But if an element is in imbalance then it will give you certain pitfalls, challenges and maybe even physical health issues.

So by knowing which element is out of balance, you can solve your problems much faster and far more direct. Your physical problems but also your mental and emotional issues, even work-related or business challenges!

How that works?
I’m explaining all this in this episode!

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In this show I’m giving you a lot of information about your energy and the influence of the 5 elements in you:

  • What qualities every element gives you
  • What physical problems you could encounter when an element is out of balance
  • Which pitfalls can arise when one of your elements is out of balance

To make it easier for you, I have listed all the important information in a PDF that you can download for free!

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