As you develop in life, you adopt different belief systems. These systems apply to yourself, your community, and your outlook on the world. But what if some of your belief systems are getting in your way instead of helping you? How do you identify them and shift them to the positive? Join me this week as I dive into the ups and downs of navigating your belief systems. 

If you want to master your energy and master your life, you have to get a grip on your belief systems. 

What can you learn in this episode?


  • What is a belief system?
  • What are your particular belief systems?
  • Where did your belief systems come from?
  • How do they affect you in your day-to-day life?
  • How can your belief systems be helpful for your energy?
  • How can they harm you and block your path in life?
  • Why are belief systems so difficult to change?
  • How do you learn to let go of negative systems that hold you back?
  • How do you handle living with people who have different belief systems than you?

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