Are you one of them? 
A person, friends would describe as selfless, endlessly giving, and always dependable. Always willing to step in and lend a hand, no matter how last minute or how large the request. If you are then you are the best friend or relative anyone could hope for!
But chances are that you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or even burned-out.

Because when you are striving to make everybody happy then you often put yourself in second or maybe even last place!

Does this sound like you?
Then this episode is for you because today I’m talking about the importance of prioritizing yourself. How that is NOT selfish but essential! I talk about why you should do that and of course HOW you can do that!

If you want to master your energy, so you can master and transform your life, you need to learn how to prioritise yourself.

What can you learn from this episode?


  • Keeping everyone happy may feel harmless, but it does harm you.
  • Prioritising yourself can be a real challenge, especially for women.
  • NOT prioritising yourself is the perfect recipe for overwhelm, stress and burn-out.
  • The reasons so many of us keep putting themselves second or even last. 
  • Society frowns upon thinking of oneself first. 
  • Do you feel the disapproval of your surroundings when you take a little me-time?
  • Or do you feel the disapproval of yourself? 
  • Do you maybe think it’s selfish to take care of yourself first?
  • I used to do that too but I chose to change that.
  • Why taking care of yourself first is NOT selfish.
  • This is what happens to your energy when you put everyone and everything first al the time.
  • What your energy savings account has to do with it.
  • The one pitfall especially Earth-energy types are sensitive to.
  • The first thing you need to do is make a shift in your mindset.
  • 7 affirmations on prioritising yourself: which one resonates with you?
  • The ones that rub you the wrong way are the most important.
  • Why self-compassion and forgiveness are important.
  • The one word we need to use more often.
  • Saying NO to someone else is saying YES to yourself.
  • Do you have clear priorities? And do you have them in order?
  • Make time for what is important to you. 
  • Valuing your time is equivalent to value yourself.

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