I bet you have been in this situation too:
You try to rest but In your head this thought is repeating like a broken record. Maybe you said something awkward to a friend and now that’s going through your head, or your boss criticized you and you can’t stop thinking about that, or you’re repeating, word by word, the situation that led to that painful breakup…

Sounds familiar?
That’s rumination, the process of constantly thinking the same thoughts, which are often sad,  negative or dark. It’s annoying and unproductive, it deprives you of your happy moments, it’s dangerous for your mental health and it undermines your energy.

In this episode I’ll give you six very good reasons why you should immediately learn how to stop this bad behavior – especially reason no. 6 will shock you – and of course I’ll teach you HOW to do that!

To master your energy, to master your life, you need to stop rumination!

What can you learn from in this episode?


  • Rumination is caused by overwhelm and by having too much stress in our lives
  • 6 reasons why ruminating is bad for your health and energy levels:
  • Ruminating on something will NOT give you new insights!
  • You become more negative from ruminising.
  • Ruminating is bad for your health. Not only because those ruminative thoughts can keep you up all night but it’s also bad for your mental health.
  • Rumination can cause people that are close to you to turn away.
  • You are in a low energy frequency when you ruminate.
  • Ruminating is bad for your energy level. Ruminating hinders 60% of your energy intake.
  • 5 tips on HOW to stop ruminating:
  • The walk and stop exercise.
  • Train yourself to be in the here and now. A mindfulness exercise.
  • Train yourself to be more thankful, grateful for everything in your life.
  • The ‘alternating nose breathing exercise’. Very powerful!
  • Use a mantra.

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