Showing off is good for the heart and blood vessels

According to the dictionary, showing off means "to boastfully display one's abilities or accomplishments." Just like a peacock that shows his beautifully coloured feathers to the world. Isn't that a beautiful thing? And it's also very healthy for your [...]

What is energy?

Energy. It is a popular subject these days. We often talk about it and many people share their well-meant advise on the web, but what is energy actually? Where does it reside, where does it come from and most [...]

10 tips for a spring detox

Maybe it's not something you're thinking about right now. But spring is a great time to do some detoxing. It will cleanse your body, allowing your (Wood) energy to flow more freely, which will benefit your organs and thus [...]

How do you let go?

Energy. It is a popular subject nowadays. We talk about it so often and many magazines devote articles to it, but what is ‘energy’ actually? Where is it, where does it come from and how can you get more [...]

5 tips to help others without losing energy

Do you often help other people? Do you often help people who have not actually asked for it? Giving unsolicited assistance costs unnecessary energy. You are better off using that on yourself. Does that mean that you can never [...]

Do you listen to the signals your body gives you?

People I guide often say that they should have listened to the signals from their bodies much earlier on. Because, in retrospect, they have received physical and non-physical signs, but they have not acknowledged, not recognized or even ignored [...]

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