I wasn’t born with super-powers.
Sometimes I’m tired too, sometimes I experience physical complaints and I’m certainly cranky at times too 😉 But most of the time I feel great and have lots of energy. And of course, that’s how it should be because I don’t think I should be your mentor in energy management otherwise. Practise what you preach’ is very important to me.

So I wasn’t born with super-powers, I make choices.
I consciously and constantly use energy management techniques. In the past, it took me a lot of effort, but because of the constant repetition, many things have become habits for me.

And that’ s possible for you too!

Everyone is different of course, but there are a number of things that everyone should master and I have listed 10 of them for you.

Do you want more energy?
Do you want to feel great?
Do you want to live your life on your own terms?

Then you should master the following 10 things:

1 – Delegate
We are all busy. An average day is usually packed. Getting the children dressed, serving breakfast, preparing lunch boxes, taking the kids to school, driving to work, work, driving back, doing groceries, walking the dog, doing laundry, helping out at the schools sports event, pull some weeds, picking up the children again, preparing diner, cleaning up, taking the kids to their music lessons, going to the drycleaners, studying, taking a zumba class … and so on. And then when the whole house is quiet after about nine pm, then it’s time to do some ironing, tidying up, preparing for that meeting, cleaning the oven, shortening those new pants and everything else…

Are you really shocked that you are low on energy? To have more energy left at the end of the day you will have to learn not to do everything yourself and to delegate things. Okay, there are things you really have to do yourself, but take a very critical and honest look at your full days and look for things that you can outsource. Your energy will be grateful!

2 – Appreciating small things
You do not get better energy from ‘doing nothing’. Making your energy flow better also benefits your energy. How do you get that your energy flowing better? Often it’s from very small things like the birds that are bathing in your garden or the big grin on the faces of your children when they eat ice cream. In short, it does not always have to be grand and overwhelming. Learn to appreciate the little things in life and your energy will flow!

3 – How to manage a ‘friendship’
How many of them do you have in your environment? People who always cost you energy when you see them or speak to them? They are called ‘energy vampires’ and they are deadly for your energy. To preserve your energy and therefore your health, it is essential that you learn to manage relationships of this kind. So make a list of people you are in regular contact with and divide them into ‘energizing or neutral’ and ‘costing energy’. Draw your conclusion and draw your plan!

4 – How to say NO
If you often let yourself go beyond your boundaries, if you regularly do things that you actually do not want to do then this will cost a lot of energy. Saying no is therefore an essential tool for you to improve your energy.
Tip: If someone asks you something and you do not immediately feel super excited about it, say that you want to think about it for a while. Or that you need to check if it is possible. This way you have some time to find the courage to give the answer you really want to give.

5 – Let anger flow away
Anger is an emotion that is very useful, but if it lingers too long (especially on the inside) then it becomes a pathogenic energy. So it is important that you learn to do something with that anger. Get it moving. Everyone has his or her own way of doing this, me for example, I take an nice long shower, or I sing along with disco music or I write off my anger. But there are also people who bang on a pillow with a tennis racket or who bang on the floor with a stick or who go outside for a run. What are your best techniques? Make your own list!

6 – Don’t worry about unimportant matters
Anger, irritation and stress make your energy stagnate and that is the first step to developing health problems. All the more reason to be aware of that. Consider this: how often do you get stressed out on relatively unimportant matters? Is that worth it? Do you want to get health problems for that? The next time you are stressing out, try to see the problem into a bigger picture and consider your options.

7 – Connect with your inner self
We ‘should do’ so much in this life. Because that’s how it’s supposed to be, and because others say so or do so, and because … well, why do we ‘have to do’ so much? We often do things that we actually don’t want to do. That don’t feel good, or don’t suit us. And we do them anyway because we’re not in touch with our inner self. So connecting with your inner self is very important to get better energy. How? You can start with taking ten minutes a day to sit in silence. Just close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and feel your body. Connect.
Tip: Don’t give up! Hold on because practice makes perfect.

8 – How to make friends
If you want to grow, you need good people around you. I mean people who give you energy (generally speaking) and who match who you are or who you want to be. Think consciously about which people you would like to have in your surroundings. Send that thought to the universe every day before you go to sleep: ‘I want people around me who …’. For example, I regularly ask for people who can help me or can teach me something about a the topic I’m working on at that moment. But I also regularly ask for dear friends with whom I can have a good time.

9 – Forgive yourself
Perhaps this is one of the most difficult things in the list, but it is a very important one. Forgive yourself for the ‘mistakes’ you made – little or big ones. The past is over, and you can’t do anything about that. No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you are on yourself… It’s wasted energy to keep worrying about it. You better use this energy to forgive yourself, find out what you have learned from your ‘mistakes’ and commit yourself not to make these ‘mistakes’ again.

10 –How to laugh with life
Sometimes life is tough and you want to cry. However, very often there are enough reasons to laugh but we simply don’t see them. Laughter is so good for you! Laughter causes your energy to flow, makes the blockages go away and gives you your sparkles back. Laughter is the cheapest medicine there is and it’s always available. So teach yourself how you can laugh more in your life. You are worth it!

Now how about you? Do you have a tip? Something that everyone should master to get and keep better energy? Share it with us below! (scroll down)

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