According to the dictionary, showing off means “to boastfully display one’s abilities or accomplishments.” Just like a peacock that shows his beautifully coloured feathers to the world. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? And it’s also very healthy for your energy and your heart! Let me explain what I mean with that.

Showing off and your Fire Energy
Being happy with what you have achieved is a quality of Fire energy. If your Fire energy is strong you enjoy sharing who you are and what you have accomplished with the world. You are proud and you’re not hiding that! Just like an apple tree that has made a spurt of growth after the winter and is now proudly showing its fruits.

What is the use of Fire Energy?
On the physical level, your Fire Energy ensures, among other things, that you sleep well, that you feel peace in your head and body, and that you have a powerful blood circulation and therefore warm hands and feet. The ability to communicate is also governed by the Fire Energy; Fire enables you to express yourself and explain clearly what you mean so that people understand what you are saying. Absolutely essential when you interact with people a lot.

Fun in your life
Fire energy is involved with all emotions but especially with joy. When your Fire diminishes, you will feel like you have less fun in your life, your ability to enjoy weakens. Life becomes dull. Someone with good Fire Energy has sparkling eyes, enjoys life to the fullest and proudly shares his or her successes.

Enjoy life to the fullest!
Don’t we all want that?! And of course, not all problems will be solved just by balancing the Fire element, but it does play an important role! So it’s definitely worth paying attention to and strengthening it. Especially when summer (Fire season) is approaching.

So don’t hold back: showing off is healthy for your heart and blood vessels
That’s according to Chinese energy theory; Fire energy governs the heart. So in that sense, something that reinforces Fire Energy – like showing off – is good for the heart and blood vessels. So get rid of that (false) modesty and give your Fire Energy a boost!

Showing off attracts more success
Moreover, there is also the law of attraction, or “where ever you put energy in, will grow.” Showing off is just you being very aware of your achievements and acknowledging them by ‘radiating’ them into the world. And by doing that you attract more of the same. Nice vicious cycle, right?!

What are you proud of?
I would like to know what you are now proud of. Something YOU have achieved. This is your chance to show off and fire up your Fire Energy. I’d love to hear from you! I’ll start: I’m proud because my book (for now only in Dutch) is a bestseller and the fifth edition is in preparation!

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