Sometimes I also have something
Since I still have all my wisdom teeth, one grows at times. This happened again. I already felt the pain in my gums and thought “that will go away in a few days”. Not so much. This time there was a mean inflammation and I walked around with a massive cheek for days. I felt like a hamster. Anyway, “practice what you preach” so I treated myself (acupuncture), took herbs, ate the right things and above all took a lot more rest. As a result, I was over the worst after two days.

So, you can see that even I, and I am pretty good in my energy, can also have something wrong with me. I sometimes also have a cold, sometimes have a headache or, as in this case, an inflamed tooth. Optimal energy does not necessarily mean that there is never anything wrong with you. But it does mean that you can recover in a reasonably fast time! For both physical and non-physical issues such as experiences and the associated emotions.

What does being “in the flow” actually mean?
Energy must flow, because if it stagnates, blockages arise, and you can feel that in your body but also in your emotions. Physically, pains or stiff muscles or joints may develop. But also, headache, abdominal distension, constipation or burping. You also get stuck on the non-physical level. You are angry or irritated quickly, you are not making progress, you are not feeling well, or you can no longer oversee things.

In short, if your energy flows, if you are in “the flow”, the energy will go everywhere, and all physical and non-physical processes will run much better. In the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that means, among other things that your Liver energy flows nicely into the Wood Element.

People ask me every day where I get so much energy from
And the answer is as simple as it is complicated. I listen very carefully to myself and take myself into account. Of course, I sometimes have a day when my energy is not flowing well. But then I immediately adjust my day, my pace and my activities accordingly. So, go with the flow.

I can pretend that nothing is wrong, but then I will exhaust my energy further. My body but also my mind indicates at such a moment that it needs some adjustment. And that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything that day. Certainly not. I can usually just keep the schedule of the day, but with some adjustments. And they depend on the cause.

What takes me out of my energy
Physical labor usually does not get me out of my energy. I am not getting tired of my work either. But I can lose energy if I try to do my best too hard, for example if I get a new client. Or when the result of a treatment is disappointing. When things don’t go the way I want. But arguing is also such an energy stopper for me. That can immediately block me. Irritation too, by the way. Then it often takes me a lot of effort to come back in “the flow”.

Emotions and my own thoughts are often the biggest culprits for me
Fear is also one. Usually this emotion is not immediately clear. But as soon as I notice that my energy gets stuck after reading, hearing or seeing something or after a conversation with someone, I start to analyze my thinking and feeling. And when I go to the root of my feelings, I sometimes encounter fear. Small or large that does not matter, it costs energy. And often it is also a fear of the unknown or “might happen in the future”… Very sneaky and if I don’t turn that movement around on time, it unnecessarely takes away valuable energy.

In addition, I cannot sleep for more than eight hours as that will block my energy. Too long behind the computer is also not good and in one way or another, Monday mornings are by definition not “in the flow.”

How I notice that I am not in my energy, not in “the flow”
Then I don’t feel like it. Don’t feel like doing anything, don’t feel like finishing things, don’t feel like starting things. I then show procrastination, make circumferential movements and am essentially very passive. And that is not for me. Normally I am active, entrepreneurial and I am enthusiastic to start something. Full of ideas and ready to go let’s just say. And I also notice that my energy is starting to flow again. Then I start to get ideas again and then it starts to bubble again.

What I do to get back in the flow
The solutions that I have for myself vary depending on the cause. For example, if I have simply done too much (physically), I will take it easy. Sit more, occasionally close my eyes for a few seconds, drink a few more cups of tea, take a moment to breathe properly, not walk as fast, talk less, go to bed sooner and more such small adjustments. Sometimes I even cancel appointments. It really helps and I allow myself to do this.

If my energy blocks then I will make sure I move
That can be; just hanging up the laundry, vacuuming or doing the shopping. But my favorites are 10 minutes on the cross trainer, a few stretching exercises, nice and warm shower, fierce dancing on Michael Jackson or listening to old disco songs and singing along very loudly

If I am irritated it becomes a bit more difficult
Because then I notice that I tend to get stuck in that feeling. As if I like to stay irritated, which is not true at all. Because that doesn’t feel good at all. But still, I catch myself doing that. But as soon as I find out, I force myself to do one of the above things. Initially with great reluctance, but eventually it will start flowing and I will return to my own energy. It works every time. And the joke is that I often suddenly see the solution, or at least an opportunity to tackle the source of my irritation. That is the power of movement!

I noticed that it works slightly different with fear
Fear is a crippling emotion and that is why it is so incredibly important to recognize this emotion. In the case of fear, small or large, I need to be able to put things into perspective and to have (emergency) solutions in mind. That gives me peace and then I can pick up the thread again. But in order to be able to do that, I do need the flow of my energy, so I again use the aforementioned “movements”. I find this the most difficult energy blockage and I therefore always need my loved ones to express myself to, to consult or to ask for advice.

How about you?
I have tried to share my personal experiences with you. I can overwhelm you with a lot of theory, but I notice that my personal experiences often give more “aha moments” than the dry matter. So, I hope I was able to inspire you and that you can learn something from my acquired wisdom. I am also curious about your experiences. What gets you out of your energy and how do you get back in “the flow”? I would love to see your response!

Oh yes, also the following: many people are also sensitive to the presence of others. It costs them energy. I am often asked how I deal with that, for example when I am treating people all day. Or what they can do themselves to protect themselves. I will get back to this in a subsequent article.

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