People I guide often say that they should have listened to the signals from their bodies much earlier on. Because, in retrospect, they have received physical and non-physical signs, but they have not acknowledged, not recognized or even ignored them. I understand that because society “forces” us to continue, not to nag and to be hard on yourself. But you will eventually pay the price for it.

What does your system tell you?
If you make yourself too tired, or go beyond your limits, your system will give you a signal that you are not doing something right. Because your system wants to keep you in optimum health. That signal can be anything: headache, nausea, dizziness, tiredness or something less intense such as red cheeks, dry mouth, loss of concentration, blurred vision, a sting in your neck, restlessness, etc.

How do you recognize the signals?
First of all, you have to get to know yourself. How does your body feel when you feel good? And how are your emotions and thoughts? You could take this feeling, this “state of being” as a basis. You can learn this by taking a moment of silence every day.
Then you should every day try, as often as possible, to see how you are doing. Check your energy level, your physical signals and your non-physical signals. What do you notice? And is that a good or bad sign? By repeating this often, you learn to recognize yourself and your signals.

Listening to your signals
As soon as you know what each signal means to you, you can do something with it. Because the signals are meant to wake you up. To show you that something is not going well and to encourage you to change something. What? You will have to find out for yourself. Take it into your moments of silence. Just ask yourself what the signals relate to and what you can do about it.

For example, I myself have found that when I put an unnecessary amount of energy into something, I get red cheeks. So when I am working nicely and suddenly I get red cheeks, I know that I put too much energy somewhere or in someone. That is unnecessary. I get tired of it and eventually the result is disappointing afterwards. In the beginning I was not too aware of that, but I have now experienced it so often that I am certain that I will have to take a different approach if my cheeks spontaneously turn so red. This means that I have to be less enthusiastic, or should want less, or that I am thinking in a very wrong direction. If I have to make a decision and I get red cheeks, I just have to say no. Works perfectly.

Water energy
If you ignore the signals from your body and you always go beyond your limits, you will eventually lose your energy reserve. Then you get exhausted and a burnout lurks. The energy that controls your energy savings account is your Water energy and you have to be very careful with that. Depletion of your Water energy means that you cannot vitally enjoy your old age. Fatigue, back pain, knee problems, urinating at night, problems with concentration, fatigue, problems with uterus, prostate or bladder, ear complaints, problems related to sexuality all have to do with a reduced water energy. To keep the water energy high, it is therefore very important that you listen to yourself and take action when there are wrong signals.

Now you!
How are you? Do you recognize your signals? Do you listen to them too? If that is the case you probably have a good energy and you (mostly) feel very good, both physically and non- physically. If that is not the case, then you should ask yourself how long you will keep this up. After all, your system doesn’t give you these signals for nothing. How clear – read painful – should the signals be for you?

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