In a previous article I already mentioned “the flow”. When you are in the flow, everything runs smoothly, you feel great, and then everything seems to happen automatically. Amazing! But there is also such a thing as overflow

Let me explain that on the basis of my own experiences.

Sparkling water
When I’m in my energy, when I’m in the flow, I sparkle. It is bubbling on all sides, I am enthusiastic, I want to do everything, and I also have many ideas. I feel like sparkling water let’s just say. Nice and vibrant.

Still water
Sometimes I suddenly notice that the flow is gone, that I get stuck and that I just don’t feel like it anymore. I am no longer sparkling water but still water. Do you know that? No more sense of doing things, no more ideas, no more enthusiasm … in short, flat water. Not nice but actually always my own fault because I have allowed something or someone to get me out of my energy. But we have already discussed this here.

The sparkle slowly disappears
It is normal – or so it should be – that you get up in the morning with Spa red and that the sparkle slowly disappears during the day. Just take a seat during the day will reload you again and you will have a day full of sparkle.  You then swing between sparkling water and slightly sparkling water let’s say ;-). Because of course it is not intended that you continue until you dive into bed with still water.

But what happens when there is little sparkle and you start shaking the bottle? Yes, then the weather will become fizzier! Then you have sparkles again and maybe so much that it floods. You feel energetic again, you can run fast again, and you do that too… But watch out! This is a false picture. There is not much energy present at all, that just seems so! This is the most dangerous situation for your energy content. Your energy is low and you use a lot of it. That causes trouble!

Difference between flow and over-flow
If you feel good then you recognize these situations. When you are in the flow, everything is nice but controlled and calm. Like water that purposefully flows to its end point. There is a certain pressure in the over-flow. You are more hectic, more restless and not thinking straight. Your head just overflows. Do you recognize this?

Preventing overflow
You can do the following to prevent yourself from overflowing and thus losing energy. Check regularly – preferably every hour – What your sparkle level is. How do I feel now? Like sparkling water? Slightly sparkling water? Still water? And then of course take the right action.

You must also try to recognize the overflow situations. Are you chaotic or very quiet at work? Do the thoughts enter your head calmly or like table tennis balls? Are you structured or do you act a bit like a headless chicken?

Solving over-flow
Solving an over-flow is simple: just leave the shaken bottle for a while. So sit down, put your mind on something else or take a shower. Calm your head and feel once again how your sparkle level and therefore your energy level are.

And you? What about you? Do you recognize the difference between flow and over-flow? How do you approach this? I would love to see your response!

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