How good are you at letting go?
Of course you don’t always have to let go, but you have to be able to choose to let go. Because if you only hold on and cannot let go, your energy will eventually get stuck.

Is it time for you to let go more?

See for yourself:

1 – You always “have to” do so much.
You have to be good at your job or study, you have to take good care of your children, you have to exercise enough, you have to eat healthy, you have to be a good woman for your partner, you have to have a good figure, you have to keep a good house, you have to be social with your friends, you have to prove yourself, you have to be perfect … Did I miss anything? If bells start to ring when you read this, then it is time that you learn to let go!

2 – Your head is full.
All sorts of thoughts constantly go through your head. From the past, from the future. Things you shouldn’t forget, things you still need to do, things you regret, things you worry about, things that didn’t go the way you wanted, things you don’t like. And I’m not even talking about that critical voice … Do you also have a full head? Then it is time that you learn how to let go because this will eventually cause you fatigue and complaints. If that has not happened already.

3 – You are constantly busy with the past.
The past is over. We are in the now. And you don’t have to forget the past. Certainly not! But if the past keeps running through your mind, it will take a lot of energy. Moreover, it blocks your ability to grow, to move forward. And again, letting go does not mean forgetting, but gives you the opportunity to continue your life with more energy.

4 – You have a lot of tension in your body.
Your muscles feel tight, you may even suffer from neck and shoulder complaints or headaches. In the morning you have difficulty getting out of bed and you really need some time to start up. All signals that you hold too much tension in your body. And they only get worse if you do nothing about it.

5 – You have lung, skin or intestinal complaints.
Lungs, skin and intestines are driven by the energy of the metal element. And letting go is also a quality of the Metal Energy. That means that they influence each other. You will therefore find that your lungs, skin and intestines benefit if you can let go more easily.

I hope I have been able to motivate and inspire you again!

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